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Panty Punch Autoflower

(Burmese Kush X Florida Kush) X Purple Punch (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple) 


Panty Punch Autoflower seeds produce uniform, squat, bushy autoflowers that often stay around 50cm in height. Despite the compact size the unique genetics can routinely deliver dry harvests of well over 100g per plant.

This makes Panty Punch Autoflower a one-of-a-kind XL yielding strain that  requires virtually no maintenance over it’s 12–13-week life cycle. It’s the ultimate autoflower seed for anyone that wants to be assured of manageable plants and heavy yields of Grade-A buds for minimum effort.

Occasional long-blooming phenotypes may want an extra week or two at the end, but these will reward the grower with exceptionally heavy yields.

These remarkable properties are all thanks to some very careful breeding which involved some of the most prized USA genetics from recent years. 


Dowland lab certificate (Feminized version)


Panty Punch Autoflower seeds, strain information

Indica dominant phenotypes of this Panty Punch Autoflower stay incredibly short and compact. Even during the transition period from vegetative growth into flowering, the indica dominant plants show minimal stretch. 

The sativa dominant hybrids, perhaps surprisingly, also exhibit minimum stretching as well. This unusual feature allows the indoor grower increased chances of maintaining a flat, level canopy – this allows the grower to keep all plants at the same height under optimised PPFD (light) light levels.

For outdoor growers, a low/short crop of extremely productive and uniform plants allows them to be kept out of sight more easily.

During vegetative growth (the first 5 weeks or so) you will see plenty of lateral growth and branching. During this period many growers may wish to consider training their plant (e.g. LST etc.) to allow maximised light penetration into these dense, compact plants.




During bloom you may notice the indica dominant plants reach the end of bloom around 12 weeks after autoflower seed germination. The blooms will be firm solid and very densely packed. This contributes to the epic yields! However, this hybrid auto flower strain also produces some phenotypes that lean slightly more to the sativa side.

These phenotypes can take an extra couple of weeks to complete bloom. This may mean a 14–15-week growth cycle from autoflower seed to harvest. The sativa blooms have particularly long runs of nodes/buds on the main blooms and are a real joy to examine and handle as harvest approaches.

It’s worth adding that both the sativa and indica leaning plants both have very similar appearances, height and bud quality. One other observation is that the aroma from the living plant in bloom is very close to the final cured aroma. During growth you will  notice that Panty Punch Autoflower doesn’t have particularly demanding nutritional needs. This can make her somewhat easier and less tricky to grow. Less experienced growers, therefore, will find this an easy strain to grow.


Genetic background

What to expect when you grow Panty Punch Autoflower ?

The primary genetic building block of Panty Punch Autoflower is OG Kush. Pink Panties is a hybridisation of Burmese Kush and a specially selected OG Kush from Southern Florida. The genetic cross is thought to come from the same team that created the ‘Cookies’ genetic line. These are some of most impressive and popular genetics of recent times.  

Purple Punch is a cross between Larry OG (an F1 hybrid crossing a phenotype of OG Kush from Orange County nicknamed Larry and Sour Diesel) and Granddaddy Purple. Granddaddy Purple is something of an old school classic known for its dense, compact buds and that unmistakable taste of sweet dark berries. 

If you love savouring lip-smacking flavours and enjoy the rich OG taste, then this is the strain for you!



Tips and advice to get the most from Panty Punch Autoflower 

Despite the compact size, it’s advisable to give each plant a little bit of ‘elbow room’ as the lateral branching means that each plant likes to spread out. The notoriously heavy yields from this strain come thanks to the numerous side blooms. These blooms can be long and very heavily stacked, especially with the sativa-leaning phenotypes.

Experienced growers needn’t feel too nervous when training and manicuring their ladies, this can help improve plant structure and optimise the eventual yields.

Grow Panty Punch Autoflower seeds well and you will be rewarded with some great looking giant buds, the kind everyone likes to show off to their buddies! Purple and pink hues can often be seen in the buds (especially in cooler bloom conditions) giving an exotic dankness to the appearance.

The thick, vivid and punchy appearance of the orange hairs contrasts with the frosty buds and autumnal hues to give Party Punch an almost alien appearance.

You will love the appealing aroma each time you treat your nose to a blast of the pungent OG scented buds! Few modern autoflower strains deliver such high-quality- bag appeal.

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Effects of Panty Punch Autoflower

The balanced indica/sativa hybrid effects deliver a blissfully enjoyable experience. The deep OG aroma is arguably one of the most iconic and pleasing cannabis scents, this strain feels good even before you light the joint or switch on your vape!

Humboldt X Seedstockers hybrid varieties often please a greater range of cannabis lovers more than either a pure indica or pure sativa. Panty Punch Autoflower is no exception.

You will neither be locked to the couch nor will you feel over-stimulated. Instead, you will enjoy a beautifully relaxed effect. Novice smokers may prefer to use a little less weed than they might from their usual strain.

With THC levels around 26%, these are seriously strong buds and may be a little too powerful for the inexperienced user.

When Humboldt X Seedstockers release a carefully selected new strain you can be assured of Premium Cali Seeds and genuinely special genetics.


Stress-busting genetics from Humboldt X Seedstockers

The stress-busting psychoactive effects combine with a deeply pleasurable wave of physical relaxation that  sweeps through your body massaging pain and discomfort. Medical growers will find this to be an XXL yielding autoflower of the highest quality and effectiveness. Worries and anxiety seem to melt away after a short session vaping these resin and terpene soaked buds.

You will enjoy some great flavours too. Sweet wild grapes are one of the aromas you may notice in bloom. Panty Punch Autoflower is an unusual strain in that the grape/wine aroma is still there on the cured buds, along with a heavy dose of OG dankness and some sweeter fruity notes.

If you enjoy hanging out in the grow room this is a great strain to cultivate. The bulbous buds and long perfectly stacked blooms never seem to get boring, you can spend quite some time admiring them especially after a vape/joint.

The thick branches do a good job of supporting the heavy blooms but occasionally they may need some support to prevent them collapsing under the weight of their own buds. The dominant central bloom, in particular, can swell and become very heavy.



Panty Punch Feminized 

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Panty Punch Regular

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Panty Punch

Autoflower Feminized Regular
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